WP Leader

WP 3

Bas Zaat

Amsterdam UMC

Sebastian Zaat is an expert in the field of biomaterial-associated infection, with over 120 publications and 2 book editorships. Zaat's Amsterdam UMC research line "Biomaterial-associated infection and novel antimicrobial strategies”, is focused on pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of biomaterial-associated infections, both in soft tissue (catheters, surgical meshes) and bone (implants, fixation devices). Based on research on the pathogenesis involving the (molecular) interactions between the pathogen, the host response and the biomaterial, novel preventive strategies are being developed. These include anti-infective coatings not subject to antibiotic resistance development, prevention of biofilm formation, influencing of the host immune response and enhancement of killing of bacteria hiding within tissue surrounding inserted or implanted medical devices. These approaches are aimed at maximally reducing the risk of biomaterial-associated infection for patients.

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